Remix videos into awesome animations with SmoothieCam!

You can record a short video and mix it into a Smoothie by scrubbing back and forth through time, DJ-style.

Send Smoothies as animated GIFs – they will play automatically in Messages and Mail! – or save them to a special album as GIF emojis that you can use again and again.

SmoothieCam tips:

– Funny faces are even funnier when you slow them down or repeat them in super-fast speed

– Record people dancing and changing places, then remix their moves

– Pets! Just think of the hilarious things they do

– Take a video as you throw or drop something, then scrub backwards through time to make it leap back into your hand

Smoothie uses the iPhone camera to the fullest, recording videos at 120 frames per second on the iPhone 5S to help you make ultra-smooth remixes. You’re not limited to animated GIFs, either: you can also save your Smoothies as high-quality movies and share those movies instantly via AirDrop.

We’ve had tons of fun playing with Smoothie as we built the app, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do! You can edit and animate your photos and videos more on Adobe Photoshop which is a paid tool. Whereas there are various free as well as paid alternatives of Adobe Photoshop that you can use to further edit your photo or video. Now, get the best out of your photo or video with all these apps.


"Really simple and intuitive way to make and share animated GIFs or films. Best feature: remix bar, which lets you slide to speed up, slow down, or reverse the animation."
"This app is great! I typically miss the exact shot I wanted (someone has a weird face or something) when I take a picture. With this you can take a whole snapshot video. You can share short clips and remix them just by sliding your finger. Reverse them back and forth, whatever. Pretty fun."
"This app is great. Works like a charm and it's great to be able to share a few moments with friends and family."

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