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BeReal – A Photo Sharing Game App

In the digital world, there are many ways to share photos with friends and family. These include instant messaging apps, social media platforms, and cloud storage apps.

Locket is a collaborative photo widget that makes sharing photos with significant others and friends fun. The app has a clean, simple design and works in a secure manner.

Photo Roulette

Designed for up to 10 players, this mobile game lets each player grant the app access to their photo library. The app then chooses a photo and shows it to all the other players. Each image is displayed for five seconds. The players then try to guess whose photo it is. The player who gets their guess right first wins the round.

While this game can be fun, it also has some serious privacy concerns. Parents are concerned that this game could lead to intimate photos being shared with strangers. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, teens have been using their Photo Roulette friend codes on less private social media platforms, exposing their intimate photos to complete strangers.

The app’s invasive permissions make it difficult for children to avoid sharing embarrassing or inappropriate content. And although the photos are only shown for five seconds, users can screenshot anything they want. This makes it hard for parents to keep tabs on their children’s activities.

Pic It!

The app calls itself the “new way to show your friends who you really are,” encouraging users to be genuine and not over-think or stage photos. Users get notifications throughout the day that it’s time to BeReal, and they have two minutes to capture a real-life photo. Then, friends can comment on the pics with their witty (or not-so-witty) responses, a la 1 Second Everyday, another app that had all my friends obsessed two years ago.

Transform your pics into fun animated MP4s and GIFs that you can share on social media. Powered by Adobe Sensei, the tool automatically selects a picture’s subject and allows users to make isolated edits to it. Plus, create shareable quote graphics that include inspirational and personalized messages. Choose from stylish, modern templates.


Gurushots is an online community that has been connecting photographers since 2014. Whether you are a novice or experienced photographer, you can compete with fellow photographers and win a number of different challenges. In addition to the contests, you can also get feedback on your photos from other people.

The site is free to join and there are no hidden fees. However, if you want to boost your photo’s exposure or swap one for another, you will need to pay for Fills and Keys, which are available for purchase in the Gurushots store.

Unlike Instagram, Gurushots does not add watermarks to your photos or claim ownership of them. You can also choose to participate in team leagues and receive instant feedback on your submissions. In addition, the site offers a chance to showcase your work in international exhibitions and special magazine challenges. However, if you prefer the social aspect of the site, you may be disappointed that there are no forums or chat rooms.


The program includes a bunch of photo editing functions like cropping, red-eye reduction and color enhancement. It also supports the uploading of images to online photo albums and e-mailing for distribution. It can even help users prepare images for printing by reducing file size and setting up page layouts.

Picasa’s main strength is its organization features. It creates and maintains a relational database that tracks photos along with their key words, edits, album data and face tags. This allows users to instantly find photos based on any combination of criteria.

The software includes a nifty feature called People that uses Google’s facial recognition technology. Once the program is done indexing a user’s images, it will list all of the faces in the collection and allow the user to tag them by name. It then displays them in the People album, making it easy to locate a particular person’s image. The software also enables users to geotag photos and display them on a map.

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